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Malles Moynat

Malles Moynat


Founded in 1849 (five years before Louis Vuitton) in the Opera district, the Moynat house is born from the combination of the market and Octavia Moynat Pauline and François Coulembier a craft layetier packers family. It quickly became a benchmark of luggage. His trunks for automobiles, in particular, are prized for their sealing and lightness. Gradually fell into disuse, Moynat closed its last store in 1976, but the company continues to exist from hand to hand until it was purchased by Bernard Arnaud in March 2010.

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# Titre de l'article
1 R2552 Malle Moynat Damier
2 R2534 Moynat Damier Steamer trunk
3 R2529 Malle courrier Moynat
4 R2514 Malle Moynat automobile de février 1905
5 R2501 Malle Moynat courrier
6 R2494 Monogram Moynat Steamer Trunk
7 R2492 Moynat Steamer trunk
8 R2473 Malle Moynat du 27 Juillet 1904
9 R2445 Malle Moynat Damier
10 R2440 Wardrobe Moynat monogram M
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